Rone Waugh 



Waugh won the first art competition he entered -a national drawing competition- at age 8.

Later studies included St. Martins School of Art, Sir John Cass Sculpture studios, and graphic design at The London School of Printing and Graphic Arts. 


While attending art college in Barcelona his work evolved from realism to becoming increasingly more abstract.His work drew the inevitable comparison with Pablo Picasso and, being a young artist keen to assert his individuality, Waugh left his major love of the human figure for a time and developed new directions in abstract art including action painting . He then went on to be a pioneer in the genre of pop art.


The 6 years spent in Africa became a great source of inspiration. The peoples, the wildlife and the different cultures all contributed to a unique experience on that great and unique continent.


The years 2000 - 2005 saw Waugh living and working in New York, NY.  


For the past decade Waugh has been spending much of his time in Beijing and has discovered a great love for the country and its peoples and a fascination with the pace of change there. "Contemporary art in China is exciting and a breath of fresh air", he says. 


While Australia is and always will be home for him half his life has been spent overseas. Having spent so much time away Rone Waugh is only now becoming established back in Australia.

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